Bushwalking at Wentworth Falls

Bushwalking at Wentworth Falls offers a range of bushwalks and panoramic views of the Jamison Valley.

The falls themselves are a delicate misty flow of water tumbling over three tiers of rocky outcrops. From the top of the falls to the bottom is a drop of 187 metres (614 feet).

We can lead you on a short stroll to view the falls or a longer hike which winds though tea-tree forests, fern gullies, cave overhangs, and past a variety of lookouts.

This is a great opportunity to stretch your legs and fill your lungs with eucalyptus-tinged mountain air. Here, you’ll hear the trickle of the falls and, likely, the chattering of sulphur-crested cockatoos. These beautiful big white parrots enjoy hanging out in the treetops deep in the valley. In season, there are delicate wildflowers to admire and, quite possibly, skinks and other small lizards scurrying away from us on the trail.

Together we’ll select the appropriate grade of walk for your group.

Our Blue Mountains Small Group tour visits Wentworth Falls first up with the intension of walking the undercliff walk.