Blue Mountains Private Charter

So much more than incredible views: discover fine-dining and great shopping in all the Blue Mountains towns!

The Blue Mountains of western Sydney is recognized as a World Heritage site for good reason: full of stunning vistas atop sheer rocky cliffs, pristine waterfalls perfect for canyoning, and bushwalks through lush rain forest-covered gorges, a sense of profound tranquility permeates the immense valley as the colors of staggering rock formations shift with the sunlight.  

  • Near Olympian Rock - Leura
    Near Olympian Rock - Leura
  • Luera Cellars in Katoomba
    Luera Cellars in Katoomba
  • Misty views in the Grose Valley
    Misty views in the Grose Valley
  • The Zest Restaurant Leura
    Zest Restaurant Leura
  • Pins on Lurline, Katoomba
    Pins Restaurant on Lurline
  • Interesting Cafes in Blackheath
    Interesting Cafes in Blackheath

Nestled throughout this natural wonderland are idyllic townships brimming with fabulous restaurants, specialty shops, art galleries, and cultural opportunities - from aboriginal performances to all kinds of musical events and creative workshops by local talent.

Luxurious, historic hotels and charming guesthouses also abound, along with excellent cafes and a relaxing day spa or two. Basically everything you could need for a refreshing getaway.   

To make it easier, we've crafted some sample itineraries of our favorite must-sees, in case any of these is perfect for you. If you prefer to design your own tour, just book and then shoot us an email and we'll help you create the perfect plan. 


“Craig did not disappoint in providing what would become "the perfect day out." Craig was very knowledgeable about the area and the history of the surroundings. He took us to some of the premium photographic sites of the Blue Mountains and went out of his way to ensure that we arrived at the right time to get the best lighting and the best photos."
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