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Rainforest Walks, Furber Steps, The Giant Staircase, Scenic World, Echo Point and more. The home of the Three Sisters.

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From Coal Town to Tourist Town

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Rainforest Walks, Furber Steps, The Giant Staircase, Scenic World, Echo Point and more. The home of the Three Sisters. This Coal-Town turned tourist town is the heart of the Blue Mountains along Great Western Highway crossing and full of activity.

For the more adventurous, take Furbur Steps to the base of Orphan Rock near where the Scenic Railway collected coal from below. The Furber Steps walk offers an excellent example of layers of Sandstone, Claystone, Slate and Coal make up the rock structure, See Rainforest, Waterfalls and fern gulleys. Ride the train to the top or even return by foot or trek to the Giant Staircase to the Three Sisters.  

Enjoy the cosmopolitan township of Katoomba, see the Carrington Hotel for a quiet refreshment by an open fire, the Paragon Café for hot Chocolate and desert, or local Antique Shops for a bargain

At Echo see Waradah Aboriginal Show, Circle cliff Drive to look down at the Magalong Valley  Stay and watch sunset reflect from the Three sisters and cliffs of the Jamison Valley

Echo Point

The most visited lookout in the Blue Mountains so try to avoid the crowds.. Find out more at the visitors centre, see Waradah Aboriginal show  The Three sisters, from any standpoint are best viewed in the late afternoon or evening as the sunset spreads its colours on the Sister's and surrounding sandstone cliffs of the valley.

The Three Sisters Walk

Just a few minutes walk from Echo Point to this lookout overlooking the Jamison Valley and the Three Sisters, an easy stroll and accessible by wheelchair.  You may add another five minutes to the bridge that leads across to the first of the Sister's and the entrance to the Giant Staircase.

Katoomba Falls

Katoomba Falls is best seen from the Furber Steps lookouts such as Queen Victoria Lookout which we rate as the best lookout for seeing the Three Sisters. The track leads down from near the Scenic Railway into the valley.  

Katoomba Township

This is the major town of the Blue Mountains. See Katoomba's charm – art deco streetscapes, small family owned stores and a budding arts and music scene. Stop at the top of the tow, near the railway station for restaurants, the Paragon or the Carrington Hotel.  Katoomba St and Lurline St offer charming boutique's , galleries and cafes.

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Blue Mountains Attractions

Include these popular destinations on the day.

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Featherdale Wildlife Park

Best visited in the morning on the way to the Blue Mountains. This wildlife park is the best for native Australian wildlife. Get up close to Koalas, Wombats, Walabies and Kangaroos

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Glenbrook National Park

There's a chance you can see wild kangaroos like this 5ft' Eastern Grey buck at Glenbrook National Park. The best chances are at dusk on a weekday except school holidays.

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Waradah Aboriginal Centre

Witness interactive didgeridoo performances, discover the dreamtime story behind the creation of the Didgeridoo; and witness Corroboree as performed by Aboriginal dancers in traditional paint and costume.

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Scenic World

Travel down into the vally via the Scenic Railway, Walk along a rainforest boardwalk and ascend via cablecar. See katoomba falls from the Scenic Skyway.

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