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A professional photographer/adventurer named Sam and his artist wife Leah created Frontier Photographic Safaris back in 1990. They wanted to combine their love for the Australian Blue Mountains and photography into paid work and share it with the rest of the world. In 1995 they befriended Craig, a creative, Japanese-speaking Australian also doing Blue Mountains Tours and teamed up to increase their capacity. Twenty years later, Sam and Leah have decided to retire and leave it to Craig to continue the legacy.

  • Sam with a Digeridoo
  • Sam with a Digeridoo
  • Sam with a Digeridoo
  • Hino
  • BBQ

Having actually lived in the Blue Mountains along with guiding many a customer through the most enchanting and awe-inspiring vistas, Craig has become a seasoned expert on this World Heritage Site and his motto is ‘only the best of the best.’ He has thoughtfully crafted three tour options to suit the needs of discerning tourists who expect a supreme encounter with all that the Blue Mountains has to offer.

Craig has selected a comfortable and spacious Mercedes Tour Bus as his vehicle of choice and you can choose to be part of a group or design your own custom private tour to your liking. Either way, you’re assured an unforgettable experience by a caring and friendly native with decades of Blue Mountains knowledge to share. Check out the details of the tours offered to see which best fits your needs. Then give us a call to discuss or go ahead and book online. You’ll be glad you chose Frontier Photographic Safaris.